Alex March Studio

When we carry out a project we are interested in deepening and understanding the personal needs of each of our clients, connecting with their vision while discovering and respecting their authenticity.

Something that we translate into very thoughtful spaces and objects, which keep an intimate and personal story, which we shape through that functional and sustainable beauty capable of creating an environment of balance and wellbeing.

Art and craftsmanship are always present in our creations; we conscientiously select pieces from different periods that we recover, preserve and enhance, turning them into an indispensable and transforming element that manages to integrate the beautiful, the aesthetic and the artistic.

Beyond design, we create spaces with meaning and significance, which imply awareness and intentionality, where internal values are manifested and come to life externally.

We design spaces with soul, that acquire their own narrative, manage to transcend the apparent and express the essential. Spaces with a unique and personal stamp.

Alex March

He has been selected by several national and international publications among the 100 best Spanish, European and world designers of the moment, including those of the magazine AD - Architectural Digest - on several occasions or in the magazine Arquitectura y Diseño among others.

In his early years he combined his higher studies in interior design and art direction with work in art and antiques galleries and publishing houses with artistic content, the latter with a family tradition of several generations.

Without leaving these activities aside, he began to work in art direction, branding and exhibition design, working for agencies, film and advertising production companies, studios and national and international brands.

In 2010 he opened his own studio in Barcelona, Alex March Studio, dedicated to interior design and furniture design and production.

His extensive knowledge of art and design culture leads him to always respect the elements of the past and to maintain a harmony between past, present and future.